2015 Youth Hunt Video / by Brett Steele


This is my first blog post and I figured there's no better way to kick it off than by sharing with you about Steuben County Turkey Tracks.  

I am fortunate enough to be among the great people that make this event happen every year.  Steuben County Turkey Tracks is a hunt put on for kids that are handicapped and/or terminally ill that have a desire for the great outdoors and great fellowship with friends.  The Steuben County chapter is a branch of Turkey Tracks Hunt - Eric Corey Foundation.  Eric Corey had the passion for making great friends and chasing wild game.  His main slogan was "It's not about the hunt, it's about the friends you meet".  Sadly Eric lost his battle to ALS in January 2012.  Since then Doug and Carol Corey, Eric's parents, have went full steam ahead to make events like this happen in Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee so other kids can have chances to hunt as their son had.  

This year we had twelve kids sign up to come to our county to chase thunder chickens April 18th & 19th.  All the families had to do was make it to our lodging location, this year being at the Comfort Inn in Fremont, Indiana.  The Steuben County Turkey Tracks organization pays for basically everything that is needed for these families to have a great weekend away from the doctors office.  We cover their hotel expense, meals, licenses and sometimes have supporters gift the families with fuel cards to assist on their transportation to our county.  To go along with the families that stroll into town for our youth weekend, but we have an overwhelming support from our community.  We get amazing guides that go head over heals for these kids, landowners gifting their turkey filled grounds to just our organization, individuals donating money, and businesses gifting money or hunting items to be given out during our banquet night.  Without everyones support this weekend would not be a success.  A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone.  

For me it is a bittersweet weekend.  I get the stress of helping the other committee members pre plan months in advance to make sure it's a bit better than the years previously.  Once that Friday hits there is no sleep to be had.  Wake up early to make sure everything is ready for that first morning arriving to the hotel hour before the first person wakes up.  For the past three years, John Deem and myself are the report car.  We float around the county patiently waiting for our phones to ring about a bird down.  That's were my bittersweet comment comes into play.  I thoroughly enjoy hearing and seeing everyones smiles of excitement, but I also love sitting in the blind too.  In the end, my whole weekend lugging around pounds of camera gear and cameras truly captures what this event is all about.  That is what means the most to me!  

At a conclusion to the weekend we had a amazing year.  Beautiful weather to go along with amazing turkey action.  Seven of the twelve kids were able to lay the smack down!  One kid was about to come back during regular with his dad to pull out a awesome double with his guides!!  

So spare 12 minutes to kick back and relax to watch this years video, click here